Tamco Trade Services

Asian Trade and Buying Office Specialist


Tamco Trade Services is part of the Tamco Holdings Group which started in 2004. Tamco is owned and managed by , Kimberly Whiley ,a North American who started working in Asia in 1989.  Buying Office Services has been the core of the company from the beginning. 

Tamco also has experience in guiding clients in how best to set up a legal entity in Asia that allows for the best tax advantage with the simplest yearly secretarial requirements.

We are there to help you..

  • Find new manufacturers that meet your quality,timeline and price targets
  • Set up a buying office structure that meets your budget
  • Conduct audits and inspections based on either your clients' or your quality requirements
  • Find the right personnel to meet your staffing needs
  • Read and pull out important information from your clients' shipping and order manuals
  • Manage all logistic paperwork
  • Reduce courier costs by organizing a weekly shipment of samples and paperwork
  • Provide assistance in setting up a tailor-made production and shipping timeline database that can be updated and read by parties requiring the information.
  • Set up templates for purchase orders , invoices , delivery notes ,and sample requirements to prevent problems
  • Understand retailers' requirements of factory audits,order processing, labeling, lab testing, inspection bookings, logistic requirements, and shipping documents.
  • Setting up and managing factory and home office communication plans

With 25+ years of experience, we can try to prevent problems before they happen.  This type of working style will allow for less "putting out fires" with the effort being put into controlling timelines and quality.